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Mr. Boulton has achieved remarkable success, securing millions of dollars on behalf of his clients…

Mr. Boulton has achieved remarkable success, securing millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. His meticulous approach involves a thorough examination of each case, where he delves into understanding his clients as unique individuals.

Accessible and engaged, Mr. Boulton ensures that every client possesses his personal cellphone number, granting them the confidence to reach out whenever necessary. His resolute commitment to advocating for his clients’ rights is unwavering, even if it means resorting to trial when insurance companies resist reason.

While many cases find resolution through negotiation, Mr. Boulton consistently takes cases to litigation, demonstrating his readiness to pursue justice on behalf of his clients. His track record extends from arbitration and trials to victorious outcomes before the Utah Supreme Court, spanning over a decade of triumphs.

In navigating cases that necessitate the insight of medical and economic experts to substantiate damages endured by the injured, Mr. Boulton showcases his adeptness at utilizing such expert testimony effectively.

Undaunted by the allocation of necessary resources, Mr. Boulton ensures his clients’ cases are fully supported, maximizing their chances of recovery. His mastery in employing expert testimony is a testament to his commitment to delivering favorable outcomes.

A testament to his prowess, the majority of Mr. Boulton’s new clients stem from referrals by previous clients who can attest to his capacity to secure victories on their behalf. For over a decade, he has stood alongside Utah citizens as they navigate the aftermath of life-altering events.

At Get Brett and our dedicated team are wholeheartedly committed to tailoring legal solutions to your specific needs and preferences.

Educated in Utah

J.D. – 2005

Law Journal: BYU Law Review, Member

Law Journal: Brigham Young Journal of Public Law, Editor

Bachelor’s Degree – 2001

Major: Political Science

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Brett Boulton


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