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Kevin K. Robson, a seasoned attorney specializing in personal injury, insurance…

Kevin K. Robson, a seasoned attorney specializing in personal injury, insurance, product liability, and medical malpractice, boasts a comprehensive legal background that includes tenure at the esteemed firm of Jones, Waldo, Holbrook & McDonough. Notably, prior to his association with Jones Waldo, Holbrook & McDonough, Kevin co-founded and owned the distinguished law firm Bertch Robson Attorneys.

Over the span of twenty-five years, Kevin has devoted his legal acumen to aiding individuals in their pursuit of recompense for personal injuries, tragedies, and wrongful deaths arising from the negligence or culpability of others. His extensive experience spans litigation, trial representation, and appellate proceedings.

In Kevin’s unwavering commitment to justice, he has steadfastly chosen to champion personal claims, eschewing representation of corporations or insurance entities. His ethos revolves around diligent exertion and innovative litigation approaches, all in the pursuit of securing optimal resolutions for clients grappling with formidable institutional insurance giants and affluent Defendants.

Central to Kevin’s approach is an unyielding dedication to prioritizing the client’s needs. He operates under the principle of offering top-notch service and transparent communication that actively involves the client throughout the journey toward a triumphant settlement.

As a legal professional who champions the cause of the individual against all odds, Kevin K. Robson continues to stand as a beacon of integrity and perseverance in the realm of personal injury law.

Educated in Utah

J.D. 1991

1994 University of Utah School of Law Juris Doctor

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