Zebulun “Zeb” Q Weeks


Zebulun “Zeb” Q Weeks, hailing from the landscapes of Nevada and Utah…

Zebulun “Zeb” Q Weeks, hailing from the landscapes of Nevada and Utah, imbibed a profound understanding of right versus wrong and fairness versus injustice from an early age. Driven by an unwavering commitment to fairness, Zeb’s journey meandered through various vocations until he found his calling as a personal injury attorney at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton in 2016.

Mr. Weeks bridges the divide between his clients and their struggles, equipped with a genuine ability to empathize and connect. His legal practice is defined by his steadfast presence and accessibility; when he’s needed, his clients can trust that he will be on the other end of the line.

Beyond his legal prowess, he possesses fluency in Spanish, expanding his capacity to communicate and serve a broader range of clients. Describing himself as an amalgamation of identities—a farm boy turned landscape professional, an eternal student turned professor, and finally a U.S. diplomat turned lawyer—Mr. Weeks’ professional trajectory has been marked by diversity and adaptability.

From teaching across three Brigham Young Universities to owning his landscaping and sprinkler repair business, and serving in the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, his journey reflects his versatile spirit.

Family is at the core of Zeb’s life; he and his wife, Daisy, nurture the joy of raising six children. Together, they find solace and delight in collaborative yard work and family gatherings, forging lasting memories in the midst of nature’s beauty.

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Hablo Español

Educated in Utah

Ph.D. in Rhetoric and History in Classical Tradition

Doctoral Fellowship, University Professors

M.A. in Comparative Literature

M.A. Mentoring Grant

Graduate Research Fellowship Award

B.A. in History

B.A. in Spanish

David O. McKay Presidential Scholarship

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